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 alternative dictionaires?

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PostSubject: alternative dictionaires?   Sun Aug 06, 2017 7:43 am

Alternative dictionary !
Abba, - Immensley successful Swedish pop group whose name is made up from the initial letters of their Christian names, Agnetha, Bjorn , Benny,and Anna- frid. A later Swedish pop group who used the same idea and whose names were Tomas, Wilhelmina, Arnie Trudi and Stefan were not nearly so popular.

Ac/ Dc Milan - Bi -sexual Italian football team.

Aerodrome - A large area of land used for storing chocolate bars full of little bubbles.

Aga Khan. - Pakistani cooking stove

All right, so I didn't survive,- The epitaph that singer Gloria Gaynor will one day have inscribed on her gravestone.

Alzhemers Disease.- Degenerative disease which causes loss of memory. Named after the German neurologist Alois Alzheimer ( 1864- 1915 ) who first identified it..This is disputed however by the ancestors of British neurologist Arthur Holloway ( 1860 - 1916 ) who ten years before Alzheimer contracted the disease himself, successfully identified it but then forgot all about it.. ( I can believe this one )

Anchor.- An instrument for weighing New Zealand butter at sea !
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alternative dictionaires?
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