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 Flats Evacuated in London

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PostSubject: Re: Flats Evacuated in London   Sat Jun 24, 2017 4:57 pm

They will have to either remove all the cladding or evac and rehouse the tenants, because in this bloody country there is always the chance that a fire will be started deliberately by some lunatic who should be in jail or in hospital
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PostSubject: Re: Flats Evacuated in London   Sat Jun 24, 2017 5:03 pm

sags wrote:
Goldie wrote:

I am surprised that you feel wealthy Arabs and other nationalities in Kensington  cannot spare their homes for a few months in a desperate situation for a few months till at least alternative arrangements can be found.  This was a profound tradegy of unprecedented  proportion. Not simply a house fire

Why surprised? And why just Arabs? There are Russian oligarchs .. a few embassies with a few spare rooms ... a few politicians with weekend flats .. a few city types who own London pads.

It's not the answer to solving a housing shortage, however temporary as it undermines the whole concept of home ownership. If an owner volunteers that is fine but not to commandeer them.

Besides, the shortage of social housing is not the issue here. That's another problem entirely which has worsened under successive governments. I could be wrong but believe that about 1 million houses have been purchased by tenants since the Right To By scheme first came in. One could say .. the tenants should never have been offered the right to buy them as that also undermines the whole concept of cheap, affordable housing for people who have hit hard times and struggle to pay for a roof over their heads.

Councils got fed up of having to maintain their housing stock so offloaded it cheap.
They also unfailingly accept the cheapest tender for any contractual work undertaken on them.
Which probably accounts for the horrendous fire at Grenfell towers. He should not and need not ever have happened.
Oh yes of course agree all nationalities. Not a fan of Russians since witnessing their behaviour in India on holiday one year. Obnoxious  people but I think that applied to the moneyed younger generation. smile

I believe housing shortage  is due to Nimbism mainly. Not in my back yard syndrome. For years developers have wanted to include social housing within private development. My brother and architect submitted many a plan over the years through a well known housing group. Attended many a meeting and the hostility from the public on brown waste land mostly refused. Didn't want  it near them etc etc

The plans submitted blended the social with private, both living in harmony , many plans sumpbmitted making allowances as most do. New schools, pharmacy, pubs, community centre. It would have been beneficial for all.

The main concern  was but yes kids woukd hang around the shops and cause trouble. The reply but haven't you got children.  You mean your children then do you? No kids from social housing,  The reply what's the difference,  well they are common, reply you mean your children or social housing children,  irate reply, social housing children?not mine!....

Some plans went ahead regardless, one having David Heseletine direct approval.

The site worked and remained tidy and problem free. Social housing tenants taking pride in their new homes.

The old council estates in Cardiff. Even have amongst snobby council house tenants have good and bad areas. Oh you live there, that's not bad or you live in the bad area called the Gazza strip by the locals, oh no. . When you actually live there and grow up there it is not as bad as I often thought myself. Nice people, nice community.

There  is plenty of snobbery amongst us all and plenty of brown areas of land still available to build social housing on. 

Britain is getting smaller with a growing population. So needs more land to build unfortunately  hat
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PostSubject: Re: Flats Evacuated in London   Sat Jun 24, 2017 5:13 pm

Pps  my husband is from a council estate. The nice part. I was informed one day on cleaning his windows,  oh hi new neighbour. It's nice to see somebody nice and friendly moving into this area. It's a nice area and we do not want anyone living here.

Oh sorry I don't live here just helping Mr Goldie tidy up the house for sale but who too. Oh an Indian family are interested are thinking of buying it. You can't.  This is a good area  We can, we are selling it to the person who offers us the highest price and they have so far .

Couldn't resist my wicked streak appearing.  smile they didn't even like the new couple who moved in. Him a service man and his wife. Why? Because they made too many improvements to the house. Green eyed God more like
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PostSubject: Re: Flats Evacuated in London   

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Flats Evacuated in London
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