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PostSubject: Volunteers    Tue Jun 20, 2017 10:38 am

Apologies for most of my stories being Welsh based but this is my home town

To volunteers everywhere who make a difference.

Volunteers from Wales who collected donations and then drove down to help the victims of the London Grenfell tower disaster have spoken of their “humbling and emotional experience”.
Andy Wheeler, 51, from Brynmawr and Matthew O’Keefe from Merthyr Tydfil made the trip down to the capital with friends Simon Phelps and Jade Keenan.
Matthew had suffered a devastating house fire two years ago - and lost everything.

(Photo: Andy Wheeler)
After hearing the news about Grenfell Tower in Kensington, the pair decided they wanted to do something to help - and posted on social media to try and rally everyone to help.
Andy, a former firefighter, said: “Many years ago I used to be a fireman and Matthew had a house fire two years ago and lost everything. The fire took hold and raised the house to the ground.


“We put an appeal out on social media and within three days we were inundated with everything you could think of - clothing, bedding, cots, vacuum cleaners and toys.”

(Photo: Andy Wheeler)
They collected the goods at St Mary’s Catholic Church in Merthyr Tydfil and after Merthyr company Hire Me rented the duo a three-and-a-half box truck for free, they set off down to London for Wales yesterday .


They took the piles and piles of donations to Westway Leisure Centre, just yards away from the disaster zone, where teams of volunteers helped to unload the goods.
Andy said: “We filled the van to the brim and took it to London. When we got there, there was a massive team of people.

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PostSubject: Re: Volunteers    Tue Jun 20, 2017 10:54 am

This was the response from our area: The Comet
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PostSubject: Re: Volunteers    Tue Jun 20, 2017 12:36 pm

It's great isn't it community spirit, when the chips are down.

My hubby always said, here we go another house full and I would too.

Regularly at Christmas two pensioners who lived locally used to come to our  for Christmas lunch.  It was great fun.

The reason, when I was first on my own I was  made a promise I could go to a person's home to join the celebrations which woud have meant a lenghty journey in the car . On Christmas Eve the day to travel I was told it ain't happening. 

I had brought loads of gifts for this family but no food or provision for myself.

I quickly did a Tresco shop but it was nearly sold out. Managed to get two manky looking chicken breasts and a few horrible bits of veg and some paxo,.

I was so embarrassed I never told a soul.

I am not religious but that night I went to evening service. The children were carrying candles and singing Christmas Carol.  I broke down but pretended it was the children singing the Carols.

I managed to find a small gift for myself and wrapped it up. I had had my tree up..

All my neighbours thought I was away

I got up Christmas morning poured myself a sherry, traditional in our family and continued as normal. Me and the cat had a present each, cooked a love,you dinner, watched the Queens speech and all the other rubbish and ate chocolate in between. 

On finding out the following day my neighbours were distraught, so Boxing Day was spent with many different friends. I got particularly drunk on New Years Eve, despite not being a heavy drinker.

I had the worse hangover over and vowed never to let that much alcohol pass my lips again.

From that day I vowed I would never ever, rely on anyone again.

I am also believe it or not am  quite timid as my husband says, people tend to over speak me or tell me what I should think. No more. I do have confidence in familiar things such as work and close friends. My mum was always concerned about my shyness, which be crippling at times.

 Since 2010 my outlook changed. No longer would I be shouted down or told I never had a voice. My lovely hubby said I have retained my charm but still worries about my shyness at times. I am very friendly to people but cautious.

I regularly volunteer at Sara our local dog shelter and also help fill up the feedings stations.  

I am too open and honest and  my hubby wishes I was not. I think first for others and their feelings but forget myself.

I can't change that is just me. I do wish I never had a heart at times and could switch off but it ain't me.

Therapy session over folks  murgs dance
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PostSubject: Re: Volunteers    

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