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 Kitchen Gadgets

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PostSubject: Kitchen Gadgets    Wed Apr 05, 2017 1:05 pm

Are you a kitchen gadget person?

When I married my first husband I can remember before the wedding literally having a bottom drawer. I got paid weekly as I had not gone into nursing then. I worked in an opticians. Reception and balancing the books.

Part of my salary went  towards my bottom drawer. As we were not getting married for two years. I practically had all the essentials.  I had a book of wants and by 1976 had ticked the lot off. We never went to the expense of a church wedding and as mum and dad had a big house. The reception was held there and dad treated close friends and family to a meal in the evening.

Our only want was a vacuum cleaner and sofa.

I never liked to ask for gifts   was far  too embarrassed by the wedding gift list but did have lovely cut glass and various ornaments that some are with me till this day. I have since given away a lot of the cut glass as I seem to prefer a much simpler life now.

I had every gadget under the sun. A pie maker,  salad spinner, which was quite good, electric can opener, coffee machine, electric carving knife, cheese toasties maker which was huge compared to today's models  You name it I had it.  Every few years I would go through the stuff  and donate to charity or give to a charity shop.

I read this article and thought it really amusing.  Getting older does have its advantages. Common sense.

I never use much  Teflon product now as I find the Spanish pans, metal clean up much better and look nice and shiny.

On our wedding to Mr Goldie in 2014 we asked all gift money be donated to that persons favourite charity. 

My one regret, wished I married Mr Goldie in 1976.

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PostSubject: Re: Kitchen Gadgets    Thu Apr 06, 2017 9:39 pm

yep as every grandkids birthday; xmas and easter comes around I am handing things over to all the kids - I look at things I haven't used for several years and wrap them up and ship them out. feels good and feels much lighter - I'm just worried I won't get rid of it all within the next ten years - I'd hate to be a horder!
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Kitchen Gadgets
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