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 Rules and Regs

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PostSubject: Rules and Regs   Tue Sep 23, 2014 5:36 pm

There are no rules and regs, as such, you all know what is required of you.
No swearing and no name-calling or verbally abusing other members and most of all....
Please be good with each other !
Please don't bicker with Admin/Malcolm or Moderators on open forum.
If you have any complaints or issues with us then please do it by PM.

NB.....transgressors will be disciplined, after a suitable warning. by suspensions lasting from 5 days to lifetime bans.

NNB..Admin also reserves the right to reduce members ranks for those members who continually log in but make no posts, or fail to answer Admin's PM's or emails or continually refuse to abide by the forum rules
If you have time to log in then you have time to make a post, and there is never any excuse for not replying to Admin's PM's or emails.
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Rules and Regs
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